Jeff Urbina Set for Peking to Paris Rally with Bodacious Racing


Jeff Urbina Set for Peking to Paris Rally with Bodacious Racing

Chicago, IL (June 13, 2016) – GTSport Racing team owner Jeff Urbina is set to compete in the epic 36-day Peking to Paris Rally that will see his No. 91 Bodacious Racing 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air through 10 countries from June 12 – July 17.

The Peking to Paris Rally began in 1907, however it took until 1997 for the Chinese government to allow a second rally to begin from its starting point in Beijing. Since 1997, there have been five Peking to Paris Rallies completed, each a few years apart to allow teams time to prepare for the arduous journey.

Beginning in Bejing, China on June 12, the journey takes Urbina and his navigator Chris Pike through Mongolia, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Solvokia, Hungary, Solvenia, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Urbina and Pike will be joined by their teammates Tim Eades and Willie McNickle in the No. 36 Bodacious Racing 1938 Chevrolet Fangio.

“We have been working on choosing and developing our cars for almost 2 years,” said Urbina. “Both cars were built and prepped by Rally Preparation Services in England, who we think is the premier shop for these types of cars.   Both cars have had the suspensions upgraded, engines rebuilt in addition to adding reserve fuel tanks.  The '57 Chevy is a new build, so this will be our first outing in the car.”

Peking to Paris is known as a vintage car endurance rally, this means that competitors are racing the clock rather than racing each other and navigation is key.  Due to the age of the cars, Bodacious Racing has spent over two years sourcing and building their cars to turn them into continent crushers with suspension, engine and drive train modifications.

“There is no other endurance event like this in the world and it tests both the cars and the participants to equal measure,” said Urbina. “The most challenging part of the rally is likely to be across Mongolia, where paved roads are not the norm and we will simply be navigating by GPS and camping out under the stars in the Gobi. Once we get into Russia, it is a long daily grind to make it to Europe.  Our strategy is to preserve the car through Mongolia. To finish first, first you have to finish!”

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